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Save The Date For Our 2019 Beginners ONLINE-FREE SPANISH CLASSES



When? Every Tuesday

Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST – Florida

Classes are for adults beginners in the Spanish Language. 
Room opens at 6:45 PM EST – FLORIDA

Limited seats available, so please, be on time.

First class starts January 8, 2019

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El Verbo Gustar

Read, learn, study and practice Spanish

 (emphasize) +  who + Gustar + What 

Learning the verb “Gustar” in Spanish


Me gusta caminar or no me gusta caminar.
If I want to make sure people understand who is the person who likes to walk, you can clarify by saying “a mí.”

A mí me gusta caminar.
The “Who” in this case is “ME” and it’s always going to be part of the statement. The “A mí” is optional, but used for clarification.

To make a negative statement, place “NO” before “ME.”

NO me gusta caminar.
(A mí) no me gusta caminar. Continue reading El Verbo Gustar

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Conozcámonos Mejor. Preguntas.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other. Question Words.

¿Cómo te llamas?    Me llamo Lola.
¿Cuál es tu apellido?    Mi apellido es Díaz.
¿De Dónde eres?    Soy de Guatemala.
¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?    Mi cumpleaños es el 15 de enero.
¿Quién es la señora?    Es mi madre.
¿Quiénes son ellos?    Son mis hermanos.
¿Dónde vives?    Vivo en los Estados Unidos.
¿Qué es esto?    Es mi libro de español.
¿Cuánto cuesta el libro?    Cuesta US$15.
¿Cuántos hermanos tienes? Tengo dos.
¿Por Qué estudias español?    Porque me gusta mucho.
¿Con quién estudias?    Estudio con Pablo.
Adónde vas ahora? Voy a casa Continue reading Conozcámonos Mejor. Preguntas.

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How to Lose the Fear of Speaking “Spanglish.”

How to Lose the Fear of Speaking “Spanglish.”

We are often shy when it comes to making mistakes, especially when we don’t have “YET” all the tools or experience necessary because “We are just learning.” In this video I will mention how to recognized the problem and to build confidence to overcome it. Also, I’ll  make them available for you to practice and to learn Spanish while enjoying it.

Do you need to practice Spanish? Start here.

LIVE SESSIONS: Tuesdays 7:00 PM EST. Join

Google Play: Becoming Bilingual. Learn and Practice Spanish


How to Lose the Fear of Speaking “Spanglish.”

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Las Partes del Cuerpo

I always find students asking for the different parts of the body. Here, there is a picture to start with; then, print the crossword and practice. If there is a word that your don’t know, use the dictionary.

Crucigrama las partes del cuerpo

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Learning Conjugations? Keep It Simple

Speak Spanish

When learning conjugations it’s easy to fall in the trap of thinking too much and complicating the answer. Until you master conjugations, keep it simple. Remember, usually the question tells you the conjugation and the pronoun. Do not change it. You will make a great progress if you just remember that when the question is addressed to “YOU“; then you answer in the “I” form.  Example: Do you study Spanish? Yes,  I do.  Same for the plural. Do “YOU ALL” study Spanish? Yes WE do. Other than that, you should keep the same conjugation and pronoun as you would in English. Also, we are going to write pronouns until conjugations become a second nature to you. Let’s see how this work in Spanish.

Infinitivo:  Hablar = to speak

Practice: hablar / español =  speak / Spanish.


Yo hablo = I speak

hablas – you speak (informal you) Continue reading Learning Conjugations? Keep It Simple