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How to Lose the Fear of Speaking “Spanglish.”

How to Lose the Fear of Speaking “Spanglish.”

We are often shy when it comes to making mistakes, especially when we don’t have “YET” all the tools or experience necessary because “We are just learning.” In this video I will mention how to recognized the problem and to build confidence to overcome it. Also, I’ll  make them available for you to practice and to learn Spanish while enjoying it.

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How to Lose the Fear of Speaking “Spanglish.”

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Let’s Play: Add a Word to the Last Word.

Agrega una palabra a la última palabra.  Ejemplo


Flor – Jardín

Jardín – Rosa

Rosa – Roja


We will start very simple. We are using nouns in this game. You can also write the meaning if you wish.  Participants will join a FREE session.