The Live Spanish Classes is committed to helping students, adults and individuals to foresee the importance of learning a second language fluently in order to face the challenge of diversity in the business world. Here all classes are with focus on conversation, relaxed, with no grammar burden. Here we have FUN!


​These  classes are for those individuals who want to become fluent in the Spanish language. They have some knowledge of the Spanish language back from school years but they have forgotten most of it. The course reviews all the basics and introduces the student to the conversational approach from the beginning. The course focuses on conversation.  The course has 20 units to be completed in 60 sessions. ( Aprox. 7 Months or 3 sessions per unit.)


Basic Spanish Enhanced Edition: The Basic Spanish Series, 2nd Edition.

ISBN10: 1-285-05208-0 / ISBN13: 978-1-285-05208-3

How does the program work?



YouTube Channel lessons.

Grammar, tips and tricks and more available to ALL on this site.


To take your classes to the conversational level, the full program includes:

–   YouTube Channel lessons

–   PDF available with grammar and more

–   Exercises and Community Activities


Note: The online activities offered by Cengage are responsibility of Cengage and available for the students. Cengage also offers e-book, rentals, paper book and more.


Not Refundable: It is the student responsibility to study and to participate. Success is not guarantee. No one can guarantee it. Successful students are self motivated to attend the LIVE SESSION to interact with others. The LIVE session is not the only way a student can interact. Reading and listening to music as well as watching movies you may have already seen in your native language would helps you a lot to understand the plot; more importantly, to get use to the Spanish spoken by different persons and nationalities. If you really want to succeed you need to take advantage of each opportunity that comes to you.  I give you all the tools but only you can apply them.


Attendance is optional. I offer the LIVE GROUP 90 MINUTES SESSION each week. The schedule will be posted for students to subscribe. Only subscribed students can access the live session. Sessions open 15 minutes early to give time to the students to login and to be ready. Sessions will close at scheduled time in order to start the session on time. No late attendees. No exceptions, no refunds.


Homework is corrected during the LIVE GROUP 90 MINUTES SESSION and/or in the chat.