THE BASIC SPANISH SERIES ENHANCED SECOND EDITION offers a more dynamic teaching and learning experience than ever before with state-of-the-art online tools designed to address the needs of today’s students and professionals requiring a working knowledge of Spanish. This flexible, concise introduction to Spanish grammar and communication offers an extensive technology program, which now features outstanding video footage from the incomparable National Geographic collection, additional interactive grammar practice, as well as note-sharing and highlighting capabilities.

The series focuses on conversation. I explain the grammar as it comes. We will start speaking from the first day of our LIVE SPANISH WEEKLY CLASS.

The class has proven to be a tremendous success for all students who wanted to become fluent in the language, from young adults to seniors!


Basic Spanish Enhanced Edition: The Basic Spanish Series, 2nd Edition.

ISBN10: 1-285-05208-0 / ISBN13: 978-1-285-05208-3

Spanish For Getting Along - Cengage 2

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