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I’m Colombian, Business Administrator and Bilingual – Spanish / English.

I started my private classes back in 2004 in Florida as a result of the many students’ frustration while learning a second language. I have seen students who after 2 or 3 years of Spanish classes they are only comfortable ordering at the restaurant and a few greeting words.  For many students the reason is the same: Grammar has been a burden! 

Teaching Spanish is a passion to me. Our classes are interactive, fun and plenty of many activities that we can do online such as, write, share documents, draw, play, contests, surveys, and much more.

Learning a second language should go beyond “yo quiero Taco Bell.”  Students should be able to use the language to travel, to do business, to interact with confidence with the Hispanic population. Our classes are with focus on conversation. Grammar comes naturally to students as they learn.

If you really want to learn Spanish in a way that is FUN and different from a failing traditional classroom setting, search no more.  I’m here to help!
Diana Reese
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