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El Verbo Gustar

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 (emphasize) +  who + Gustar + What 

Learning the verb “Gustar” in Spanish


Me gusta caminar or no me gusta caminar.
If I want to make sure people understand who is the person who likes to walk, you can clarify by saying “a mí.”

A mí me gusta caminar.
The “Who” in this case is “ME” and it’s always going to be part of the statement. The “A mí” is optional, but used for clarification.

To make a negative statement, place “NO” before “ME.”

NO me gusta caminar.
(A mí) no me gusta caminar.

Gustar only has 2 conjugations:  Gusta and Gustan.

Use “GUSTAN” with plural nouns. Ej: “los perros, las frutas, etc.

Use “Gusta” in all other instances.

Other verbs that work like “GUSTAR”

 Apetecer: to feel like doing or eating something.

Ej:      Me apetece una paella.  (I feel like a paella.)

Fascinar and encantar: to be fascinating or to love something. (to express love to a person use “amar.”)

Ej:      Me fascina el color azul. (I love the blue color.)
Me encanta la naturaleza. (I love nature.)
Importar:  to be important / to matter.

Ej:      Me importa aprender español. (learning Spanish is important to me.)

 Caer bien (mal): to like or dislike.

 Ej:      Me cae bien el profesor. (I like the teacher.)

Interesar: to be interested in something or someone.

Ej:      Me interesa aprender español. (I’m interested in learning Spanish.)
Me interesa conocer a Pedro. (I’m interested in meeting Pablo.)

 Molestar: to be annoying.

Ej:      Me molesta la música alta. (I don’t like loud music.)
Me molesta esa chica.  (that girl is annoying.)

Parecer: to resemble, but also to think as to give an opinion

Ej:      Me parezco a mi padre.  (I look like my father.)
Me parece que va a llover. (I think it’s going to rain.)

 Doler: to hurt, to have a physical or emotional pain.

Ej:      Me duele la cabeza. (my head hurts. I have headache.)
Me duele el alma. (My soul hurts.)

Quedar bien or mal: to fit well or bad.

Ej:      El vestido te queda muy bonito. (the dress looks beautiful on you.)

Faltar: To lack  / miss / need something.

Ej:      Me falta el dinero para viajar (I lack money / I don’t have money to travel.)

 Volver loco (a): To drive someone crazy.

Ej:      El me vuelve loco. (He drives me crazy.)
El calor me vuelve loca. (the hot weather / the heat drives me crazy.)

There are many other verbs that work like “gustar,”


 Te gusta el invierno? (Do you like winter?) (15)
Sí, me gusta.
No, no me gusta.
Si, a mí me gusta.
No, a mí no me gusta.

Te gustan las estaciones? (Do you like the seasons?)
Si, me gustan.
No, no me gustan.
Si, a mí me gustan.
No, a mí no me gustan.



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