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How to answer a question while learning Spanish? See example.

When you are learning Spanish or any other language, it is important to answer with long statements. Always  remember to use the verb in the answer, until conjugations become a second nature to you. So how would you answer the following question?

Cuánto cobran en el hotel por un cuarto para dos personas?

  1. En el hotel cobran cien dólares por noche. √
  2. Cobran cien dólares por noche. √
  3. Cien dólares por noche. √ but long answer better for now.


Adónde van María y Pedro de vacaciones?

  1. María y Pedro van a Cancún de vacaciones.√
  2. Ellos van a Cancún de vacaciones. √
  3. Van a Cancún de vacaciones. √
  4. A Cancún. √ but long answer is better for now. [sg_popup id=”1517″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]


Con quién vas (tú) a la fiesta?

  1. Yo voy con mi novio. √
  2. Voy con mi novio. √
  3. Con mi novio. √ but long answer is better for now.



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