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2. Spanish Popular Slang

Cada loco con su tema:  (every crazy person has a subject) “It’s his / her hobbyhorse.

Ejemplo: déjalo que hable.  (Let him talk.)


Me cae gordo: (To fall fat on me)He/she is a pain.

Ejemplo: Ese político me cae gordo. (That politician is a pain.)


Acostarse con las gallinas: (To go to the bed with the chickens) To go to bed too early.

Ejemplo: Ella se acuesta a las 8 de la noche con las gallinas . (She goes to bed at 8 pm with the chickens. )


Agarrar el hilo: ( To grab the thread)  To get the point, to understand.

Ejemplo: El agarró el hilo de la conversación. (He got the point of the conversation. )


Ahogarse en un vaso de agua. (to drown in a glass of water) To sweat the small stuff

Ejemplo: No te preocupes, no the ahogues en un vaso de agua. (Don’t worry, don’t sweat the small stuff.


Alborotar un avispero (to stir up the wasps – honeycomb) To upset the people, to get people riled up.

Ejemplo: Sus comentarios  alborotan el avispero . (Her comments stir up trouble)


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